Build Lean Muscle From Home – Virtual Coaching


No access to the gym, no problem – you can still build lean muscle from home.

Through this Build Lean Muscle From Home Virtual program, Jes Murphy and the JM Team will work with you help you achieve your goals to stay lean and build muscle, so you can come out of isolation with those lean gains you were hoping to get in the gym. It will also help keep you sane, and not reaching for the fridge.

This program is perfect for people who want to people who do comp prep for Season B or in 2021.

You home training program will be delivered through the JM Fitness Training smartphone app, a nutrition plan tailored to your goals and weekly video checkins to keep you accountable and to make any adjustments to your program as required.

To support you in achieving your goals you also have 24/7 online access to the JM Team through JM app.


Program Features:

  • Initial 20 minute consultation
  • Weekly 15 minute face-to-face virtual check-in
  • Goal orientated nutrition plan with weekly changes
  • Home workout program customised to your goal, with weekly changes
  • Access to the JM Fitness app including videos on how to do each exercise
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Progress pics through the JM app
  • Monthly MACRO targets
  • Invitation to join the JM Fitness Shred From Home Facebook Group
  • Email support from the JM Team
  • Free Summer Shred guide eBook

Nutrition & Food

It is easy to lose track of nutrition at times when we are bored or stressed. To ensure you build lean muscle, you will receive a monthly nutrition plan, MACRO target and the JM MACRO cheatsheet and guide. 

During your weekly check-in we will assess your progress and modify your nutrition if needed. 

The Stay Shredded at Home Social Challenge

Social media is the best way to stay on track to achieving your goals. Take on the challenge and sharing your journey by tagging @jm_fitness_page, @asn_fuelled and #shredathome on Instagram to WIN an ASN show bag filled with goodies to keep you shredded and lean at home.