2012 was the year that I wanted to change myself physically and mentally. I was lucky enough to find my way to Jes Murphy! Having decided I wanted to change my physique and compete in 2012 it was essential that I had a personal trainer and coach that could help me reach my goals. Jes provided me with all the tools and knowledge that I needed to reach and surpass my goals and expectations.

Through nutritional advice, advanced training programs and plenty of mentoring along the way. Being new to Poliquin and not having any diet or nutritional knowledge myself Jes had to explain and make sure I understood everything. Jes was able to help me along the way answering hundreds of questions every week at all hours of the day and was always happy to help and explain no matter what the situation or challenge at hand be it training, supplements, diets or even just life itself.

Body Building is one of the most challenging things a person can do mentally and physically, having a coach like Jes can make the difference between succeeding and failing. Jes is not only an amazing personal trainer, but a mentor and role model for many including myself.

Jes’s passion and attitude towards the fitness industry has inspired me to become a personal trainer myself and can only hope to reach the level of Jes’s knowledge and respect within the industry. Jes Murphy, Ethel Street Muscle and Fitness and Clean Health helped me change my life, anyone who is looking to do the same should get involved without a second thought

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