by JesMurf | Sep 9, 2013 | Testimonials

Client:  Juliana Corona
Trainer:  Jes Murphy

My journey with Jes commenced a little over 12 months ago when I approached her almost at the end of my tether weight wise. Years of yo-yoing and trying different weightloss programs with no fixed/long term results. I weighed 71kg and 26% body fat. The initial goal with Jes was purely weightloss and changing my lifestyle to keep it off for good. About nine months into it just doing the minimum, I saw Jes go through her comp prep and asked her questions along the way. After chatting to a few clients at the IFBB show in March I finally talked myself into taking the plunge and setting a goal to enter a comp.

I spoke with Jes in May 2013 and we decided on the INBA show in Sept with my full preparations not commencing until my return from a European holiday. On my return 14 weeks out from comp I weighed 65kg and 21% body fat. I knew it would be a hard road to get to “comp size” but having Jes as my coach has made the journey all the more stress free as she walks the walk and talks the talk. This I know from personal experience in seeing and talking to her about her comp preps. Jes leads by example and I could not ask for more in my coach. “Getting it done the fun way” is one of her mottos and even though you are being pushed to your perceived limits, she always pushes a little more and lo and behold you just reached a new limit. And you leave with the biggest smile on your face knowing you have achieved more than you knew you could.

Now four weeks out from comp and down to [insert weight] and [insert bf%].

Juliana before and after

This whole journey has taught me to be more disciplined and organised. I never would have described myself as determined, dedicated and inspiring but this is how friends and family are now talking about me. It has changed me from the inside out. In saying that, it would not have been possible without Jes and the Clean Health team. For that, a simple thank you is not enough. I am forever grateful to Jes for her time (those early morning intervals even before the crack of dawn!), endless questions answered, dedication and personal sacrifice in the midst of her own preparations to get me to where I am today.

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