“Jes was my personal trainer. She is an excellent trainer. She is very inspirational, motivating and always confident in me and my abilities.

I was new to the Poliquin style of exercise and through Jes’s training I have become quite competent at it and now love it. Each session was enjoyable while being focused and she knew how to push me to my max physically and mentally while ensuring my form and technique was spot on.

There were multiple times Jes went beyond her requirements as a trainer giving me extra time and effort personally – Keeping me on track , answering all my questions, preparation for my competition and  friendship.

She was detrimental in my great results – 5.7% drop in BF and 3.8kg increase in muscle.

I have taken so much out of my time spent working with Jes gaining extra knowledge, strength and skills. She has all the key features to a successful trainer. I can’t wait to work with her again and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wanting to reach their goals and see results.”

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