Join the <JM Comp prep Team> (not summer shred program) to fast track your goals. Suitable for begginners to advanced.



Suitable for all fitness & experience levels. Programming available for any category or federation. Industry leading training app that will monitor all your workouts and progress including videos to help correct your form and maximise your workouts. Get your eating habits in check by following our JM nutrition recommendations including full macro’s upon request (IIFYM Option). 24 WEEKS COMP PREP. Weekly – Cost is 39 and Upfront (2 weeks free) – Cost is $858.
Weights program using Training App on your mobile phone
Customised Nutritional Plan
Weekly Posing class @ Fitness Playground Saturdays
Peak week detailed programming
On the day’ Support
24/7 email contact.
Monthly phone consultation.
Weekly check in sheet including progress shots.
Programs We Offer
We have a range of online coaching packages readily available to help you achieve your goal.

DIY Program

4 weeks training program and a nutrition plan customised to your goals to complete at your own gym in your own time Shred or build lean muscle & strength

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JM Online Coaching

Suitable from beginners to advanced Programs options available for Training only, Training & macro recommendations, or Online training, full nutrition plan & check in

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Join the JM Fitness Comp Prep Team

Available from beginners to advanced Nutrition, Training, Weekly check in, 24/7 contact with JM coach, peak week and comp day coaching

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At JM Fitness the transformation never ends. We believe in practicing what we preach, walking the talk, and the results show!

Programs We Offer

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Online training & Nutrition + Weekly Checkins

Suitable for intermediate to advanced. track your weights and your JM Macros and the results will show

$39 p/w – book an initial consultation and get started. Website takes week 1 payment only



Join the <JM Comp prep Team> (not summer shred program) to fast track your goals. Suitable for begginners to advanced.



Suitable for beginners to advanced. Nutrition, training, check in , peak week included. Every client is different so prep time will be decided after assessment.


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See What Our Clients Say
Chris’s Transformation Journey
Long-term JM Online Coaching client Chris has success over and each season. For Chris his goal differs from year to year. By following the ‘If It Fits Your JM Macros’ nutrition system and training periodisation we have had great success in body shred and muscle building goals Chris first came to JM Fitness to get more structure in training and see what he could achieve following a new method. After great success on a Summer photoshoot Prep he opted in for a Natural Bodybuilding Competition. With great diligence and determination he was awarded 1st place The next journey beggining during covid-19 lockdown periods was to increase muscle mass with minimal fat gain. Using our training app including park and home workouts Chris put on 10kgs while still maintaining abs, ‘sounds like a dream!’ This brought us to his final two Shred challenges. Australian summer boat party season then pushing on for his long awaited overseas trip! Well done Chris and well done JM Team!