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JM Fitness programs are suitable for all fitness and experience levels, and for any category or federation. All programs are accessible through an industry leading training app that monitors your workouts and progress, as well as provides videos to help correct your form and maximise your workouts. 

Whether its for body building or a bikini competition, fat loss, building muscle, strength, or even just general health and fitness, JM Fitness has a program to fit your goals and budget.


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Going back to the gym can be daunting but you’ve taken the first step to getting started! JM Fitness takes pride in providing customer care second to none. Every client receives a program customised to their goals as well as 24/7 email support.

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Are you offering any discounts?

Buy a 12 week Online coaching packing and receive 1 week free

Do you offer consultation sessions as well?​

Nutrition consultations are $99. If you sign up to any JM package you your consultation will be complimentary (6 weeks minimum)

Do you offer Personal training with Jes?​

Personal training with Jes and the JM Team is available by application only.

Is this program suitable for beginners?

There are many different programs available for all levels of experience from beginners to advance. The JM Trainerize app comes with videos that demonstrate training technique making it easy to learn how to train with confidence

See What Our Clients Say

Chris’s Transformation journey

Long-term JM Online Coaching client Chris has success over and each season.

For Chris his goal differs from year to year. By following the ‘If It Fits Your JM Macros’ nutrition system and training periodisation we have had great success in body shred and muscle building goals

Chris first came to JM Fitness to get more structure in training and see what he could achieve following a new method. After great success on a Summer photoshoot Prep he opted in for a Natural Bodybuilding Competition. With great diligence and determination he was awarded 1st place

The next journey beggining during covid-19 lockdown periods was to increase muscle mass with minimal fat gain. Using our training app including park and home workouts Chris put on 10kgs while still maintaining abs, ‘sounds like a dream!’ This brought us to his final two Shred challenges. Australian summer boat party season then pushing on for his long awaited overseas trip!

Well done Chris and well done JM Team!