Did you know that simply Increasing your daily fibre intake improves detoxification, reduces estrogen dominance, gives you better blood sugar management and increased satiety between meals? Up your daily fibre quota by filling your plate with plenty of organic leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables at each meal.

Ty Phillips

Cruciferous vegetables are also rich in ‘indole 3 carbinol,’ which digests to form a compound called DIM that assists with estrogen metabolism. Vegetables high in indole 3 carbinol include the following:
Arugula Bok choy Broccoli Broccoli sprouts Brussels sprouts Cabbage Cauliflower Collard greens Horseradish Kale Kohlrabi Mustard Mustard greens Radish Rutabaga Sauerkraut Turnips Wasabi Watercress Since these compounds are heat sensitive be sure not to over cook your vegetables.

Experiment with adding the sprouts to your meals and adding to salads. If you wish to supercharge your fibre intake further, then supplementing fibre by utilising the fibre protocol provided below could be an option. This is a trick particularly effective with stage competitors and clients who have particular trouble getting lean through their legs.

The reason being that fat storage around the buttocks and upper thighs is caused by estrogen dominance, and fibre helps with reduced reabsorbtion of estrogens through the intestinal wall via excretion in the faeces. FIBRE PROTOCOL Ideal lowcarb fibre options may include ground flaxseed meal or flaxseed hulls, chia bran, desiccated coconut and psyllium husk.

Step 1. Choose 3-5 different fibre sources and cycle the use of 1 of each every 3 days e.g. Flaxseed meal for three days, then chia bran for three days etc. This prevents developing a fibre intolerance. Step 2. Upon going to bed at night have 1-2 tsp in water. (Be sure to start slowly, as increasing fibre too quickly can have the adverse effect and cause constipation.) Yours in health, Ty Phillips

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