I recently received an email from Stefan Ianev about “How Neurotransmitters Effect Your Results” which I wanted to share with you.

Stefan explains that “Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that regulate our mood, alertness, motivation, concentration, memory, and personality.”

He says:

“By optimising neurotransmitter levels in the brain we can achieve peak performance by being more focused and alert, experience more joy and happiness in life, and wind down when we need to so that we can rest and rejuvenate.   

Having the wrong amounts of neurotransmitters, either too much or too little, at the wrong times, can either make us feel anxious, tired, wired, irritable, and angry, or depressed, tired, unmotivated, and unable to focus.

We want just the right amount of neurotransmitter activity at the right times, not too little, and not too much. We call this the Goldilocks Zone. The problem is that neurotransmission is a complicated process because neurotransmitter activity in the brain is regulated by many factors. “

So, how can different proteins at different times of the day makes us feel better or worse?

Morning proteins?

  • Red meat and game are great in the morning as they take longer to digest and stimulate motivating neurotransmitters like dopamine. Cook your meats with a light spray of coconut oil. Season your meats with rock salt, black pepper and turmeric when you can
  • Generally breakfast is protein & fats Greek yoghurt is ok occasionally unless your close to the date of your chosen goal.
  • Eggs & gf toast are a sustainable ‘no-fuss’ breaky on days that you’re exercising… but follow your recommended weekly changes and nutriton plans.

Red or game meat: Lean beef, lamb or kangaroo and mixed veggies.
* proteins and good fats stimulate brain focus.

Eggs and veg on rest days eggs on toast on training days.
-You can add carbs to fuel your workout and increase recovery.

Middle of the day proteins?

Chicken, turkey and other white/ pink meats -Any meats are ‘ok’ during the day. Pork contains natural Leucine which is an amino acid that helps to prevent muscle breakdown, and on rest days try salmon for variation.

Evening proteins?

Seafood and fish are great as a protein choice post workout and evening as they are easy to digest and are a wind down kind of protein. Seafood natural contains taurine which promotes the gabba neurotransmitter that allows the mind to wind down especially when we sleep and greater the growth hormone production – the deeper you sleep the greater the fat loss and muscle gain

High fat proteins?

At Jm Fitness we tend to have high carbs on training days with low fat and high fat with low carb on days that you are resting from weights. So, full eggs are a good breakfast choice on non-weights days and salmon fillet is great for dinner as they are both high in good fats. 2 full eggs contain 10g of fat which is 1⁄2 a serve of fat in JM language Egg whites? Egg white are also a quick an easy one for meal 1 or 5. Also easy to digest, high protein and very low fat! Try to only eat eggs 1 x day so if you eat eggs for breakfast don’t eat egg whites for supper too.

Increase your energy and increase your results by eating the right protein at the right time.