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If it’s your first show or you’re going for an International or Pro card title you have come to the right place.


– Personal training
– Nutrition consultations
– Online
– Satellite
– Posing and presentation

In our experience, one of the main reasons most people don’t want to compete is because their colleagues, friends and family don’t understand them.. they don’t get it.

When you join the JM Fitness comp prep team you become a part of a community of like-minded people, so you are not alone. You will also build a group of friends that outlast the 12-16 week prep.

Not only will your body transform but your confidence as a person will grow as well.

We have a team behind the scenes ensuring that you stay on track and reach the goals you set out to achieve.

Posing Classes, Surry Hills

During a JM comp prep posing class you will learn quarter turns, stage walk, stage presence and how to use symmetry in posing to show off your body shape and give you that spice you need to stand out on stage.

Suitable for all federations, categories and experiences. 

Upcoming Posing Classes

12:00pm every Saturday

Private posing available by application only.



“With JM Fitness extensive experience the results speak for themselves. Founder, Jes Murphy, coaching over 100 clients for competitions, prepping many males and females for photo shoots & events. JM Fitness Team have developed the skills and ability to help anyone achieve the body they’ve always wanted!”

JM Coaching Online and long term client

“Jes Murphy helped me every step of the way with her knowledge in nutrition and training. With out Jes this would have been impossible!
Jes Murphy is a very experienced personal trainer I’ll continue to see her as she makes me work to my full potential and keeps me on track to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Whatever your goal, what ever your dream Jes Murphy can help you!!”

Tenille Hibbert

2012 ANB Nationals Transformation

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