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What sets JM Fitness apart in the realm of personal training isn’t just our commitment to physical improvement; it’s our unwavering dedication to holistic transformation. Our approach is not merely about sculpting bodies; it’s about sculpting lives. At JM Fitness, we understand that true fitness extends far beyond the gym; it’s about mental fortitude, nutritional balance, and sustainable lifestyle changes.
Our bespoke programs aren’t cookie-cutter; they are meticulously crafted and tested blueprints tailored to your unique aspirations and challenges. We don’t just aim to meet your goals; we aim to surpass them, igniting a fire within you to achieve greatness in every facet of your existence. At JM Fitness, we’re not satisfied with mediocrity; we’re relentless in our pursuit of excellence, pushing boundaries, breaking barriers, and reshaping destinies. At JM Fitness we know and believe what you are capable of and make sure you live up to your full potential when it comes to your fitness journey.


Jes Murphy, an IFBB Wellness Pro and the owner of JM Fitness, is a powerhouse in the bodybuilding world. Based in Sydney, she is renowned for her expertise in competition preparation, innovative training, flawless posing, and unparalleled nutritional guidance. Jes is not just a coach but a mentor and catalyst for change, guiding countless individuals on their fitness journeys with dedication and expertise.

What our clients are saying

Today I used an actual gym again for the first time since before lockdown. Mind you I only used free weights and just did some circuit work, but I’ve still been nervous to even go in one (even though this is my buildings private gym lol). I’ve mainly been focusing on running, reformer and mat Pilates lately purely because of what I’ve enjoyed doing for my body. BUT I’m just sharing this as a massive shout out to Jes. Because of everything I’ve learnt since I first met Jes and had her as my coach, while my body has changed since last season, I’m still pretty stoked with the physique I’ve held onto. And it’s all thanks to Jes’s nutrition guidance as well as the base she helped me build. So, thanks Jes for helping set us up through comp and beyond 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼



I started working with Jes with the goal to help me get on stage in body building competitions. I decided on JM Fitness & Jes as my coach as she is very well rounded in the environment, in regards to helping me with training, diet and posing. Jes has so much experience in the bodybuilding world, it was an easy decision.
Covid19 has slowed our process but not my progress, she has helped motivate me in such a strong way that during lockdowns I have still made a huge change in my physical appearance and composition.
We are still awaiting on getting the goal of getting out on stage, but I can’t think of anyone better to help me get that goal.



I did distance running and went to group fitness classes a lot before meeting Jes, but I never had a training plan, and felt intimidated by the Olympic bars and free weights. I am also a vegetarian but didn’t pay attention to my nutrition. Having Jes creating training programs for me and teaching me about macros has made a huge difference in how I keep fit, and I really enjoyed getting involved in fitness comps – with Jes’ guidance I even placed in bikini over 40 at ICN Nationals in 2021. Jes also helped me to keep on track with training at home during lockdown, which was wonderful. Thank you Jes!

Charlie Green


“I feel part of the JM family, not just part of a training group”

So grateful to have Glenn part of the JM Family! Its not just about the outside and how you look on stage or in a photo shoot.

Hearing how Glenn feels and how much energy he has is what keeps me going to helping my fit fam achieve their goals.

Glenn always said when times were hard for the team during prep, ‘Just remember the end result’. And he was right.
At JM Fitness we believe in practicing Laws of Attraction. Picture the body you want, trust the process, and the results will show! 🎉



Since joining the JM Team and training with Jes I couldn’t be more happier.

I love her energy, dedication and amazing knowledge. She not only has transformed my body but also my confidence. Being confident is nothing more than believing in yourself and a feeling of accomplishment.

Trusting in Jes to get me out of my comfort zone created that confidence I needed.

I not only found an amazing trainer but a long life friend.



Get the body.

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